Thanks to a new report from the Associated Press, we now know what Eric Greitens was hiding in the military records he would not release. 

HEADLINE: Missouri governor hopeful dropped out of Navy Reserve drills

So, what is Eric Greitens hiding in his tax returns?

Greitens has gone through much more trouble to keep his tax returns from becoming public than the delays with his military records. So whatever is in those returns, must be really damaging. The  people of Missouri deserve to know before they head to the polls. 

Take a look back:

1.  Greitens and team brushed off reporters’ requests for the candidate’s tax returns.

  • “In August, after the Post-Dispatch requested the tax information from both candidates, Chambers said it was a matter of collecting the information. ‘We’re in the process of getting tax return documents together,’ he wrote in an email.” [St Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/4/16]
  • “Asked about a release date a week later on Sept. 2, Chambers said, ‘I haven’t made a decision on timing yet.’” [St Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/4/16]

2.  Team Greitens threw in contingencies for the release of the tax returns they promised.

  • “On Sept. 19, Chambers again hinted that the campaign would be releasing the returns. In an email, he expressed concern about whether the newspaper would be putting the returns online. ‘You won’t be releasing copies of the returns right?’ he asked.” [St Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/4/16]
  • “On Sept. 21, Chambers again suggested that the release of Greitens’ returns was contingent on Koster doing the same. ‘Have you received Koster’s returns?’ Chambers said.” [St Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/4/16] 

3.  Once those contingencies were met, Greitens dodged again, saying he had to ask his wife.

  • “Chambers said Greitens and his wife, Sheena, would have to talk before deciding whether to make similar information available when questioned Friday afternoon after Greitens and Koster headlined a debate in Branson as part of the Missouri Press Association’s annual convention.” [Springfield News Leader, 9/29/16]

4. Greitens forced the cancellation of the gubernatorial debate by refusing to release his tax returns.

  • “Asked in a follow up email if @EricGreitens would ever release tax returns, his campaign said he would not.” [Jason Hancock @J_Hancock, 10/4/16]
  • “When asked whether the Greitens campaign’s negative response to calls for his tax returns was an absolute no or whether it was a refusal to meet the Thursday afternoon deadline set by the Koster campaign, Chambers replied: ‘It’s a no.’” [Springfield News Leader, 10/4/16] 

5. Greitens still won’t meet the basic standards of transparency, despite criticism from both sides of the aisle.

  • “You can’t have it both ways. When you throw down the gauntlet and say ‘if you do this I’ll do that’  and then that person does what you ask and you don’t follow through, that’s a problem. [Former Republican Speaker of the House Tim Jones on The Allman Report, 10/9/16]
  • “You also can’t run around and accuse everyone, including probably the four people at this table, of being part of the culture of corruption, and then not yourself be as transparent as you should be. [Spkr Jones on The Allman Report, 10/9/16]
  • “Why have the questions out there if you can dispense with the questions?” [Spkr Jones on The Allman Report, 10/9/16]

What is Eric Greitens hiding in those tax returns? It’s time for Greitens to step up and release his returns.