The Missouri GOP has nominated Eric Greitens for Governor in 2016, a man lacking the experience, temperament, and conviction to lead Missouri forward.

The only office Eric Greitens is qualified for is Hypocrite in Chief. Greitens’ so-called ‘outsider’ campaign has been funded by shady out-of-state interests and morally-questionable donors — he simply does not have the qualifications, temperament or conviction to be Governor of Missouri. Between collusion with super PACs, accepting the single largest dark money donation in Missouri history,  and his refusing to answer tough questions from media and constituents, Greitens has shown his true colors.


When it comes to ethics, Eric Greitens believes he can talk the talk, but he doesn’t have to walk the walk. While he paints himself as a model for ethical decision-making, his campaign is being funded by out-of-state billionaires and investors, several of whom have faced criminal charges.

  • Greitens Had Raised 71.1% From Out Of Missouri, Only 28.9% From In State. “Greitens has raised only 28.9 percent of his funding from Missouri donors.” [Columbia Tribune, 7/20/16]
  • Seals For Truth Gave Greitens $1.975 Million, The “Single Largest Political Contribution In Missouri History.” “A federally registered campaign committee called “SEALs for Truth” this week donated $1.975 million to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens, a former SEAL. It is, by far, the single largest political contribution in Missouri history to an individual candidate. and we have absolutely no idea who it came from.” [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/20/16]
  • Greitens has a habit of taking big checks from unscrupulous characters. We’re keeping track — check out Eric’s Wall of Shame for regular updates.

Eric Greitens believes “Right-to-Work” should be forced on Missouri workers. “Right-to-Work” has been found to drive down wages and weaken collective bargaining. Workers in “Right-to-Work” also have less access to benefits and are exposed to more dangerous work environments.

  • Greitens: “We Have To Sign “Right to Work.’” [KBIA, 4/5/16]
  • Greitens: “I Believe We Must Have “Right-to-work” Legislation.” [Greitens For Missouri, Accessed 8/5/16]

Eric Greitens believes Missouri should reject Medicaid expansion, the greatest economic development opportunity the state has seen in decades. State legislators have been playing politics with the healthcare of Missouri families through constant obstruction to the bipartisan effort to expand Medicaid. Expansion is estimated to create tens of thousands of new jobs, invest billions of dollars into the state’s economy, and provide healthcare coverage to hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

  • Greitens: “We Are Not Going To Expand Medicaid.” [KWMU GOP Debate, 7/5/16]
  • KWMU: “All Four Repeatedly Affirmed… Their Vows Not To Expand Medicaid In Missouri.” [KWMU,7/7/16]

Eric Greitens believes Missouri legislators should be more focused on efforts to restrict and ban access to abortion and other women’s healthcare services than on legislation that creates new jobs and opportunities for Missouri families. Republican legislators file dozens of bills on abortion every year, but have failed to pass a comprehensive economic development bill in three years.

  • Greitens: “In a free society, no person should have their tax money taken from them and spent on an organization like Planned Parenthood that engages in activities that are quite simply barbaric.” [KWMU, 9/26/15]
  • Greitens: “I believe that, that life begins at conception.” [Greitens Town Hall, Facebook Live, 7/16/16; ~28:51]

Eric Greitens believes his obsolete opposition to Common Core is more important than opposing the $456 Million foundation formula cut to Missouri schools made by the legislature in 2016. Despite Common Core already being scrapped in Missouri, Greitens’ has made regular efforts to state his strong opposition, while remaining silently supportive of the legislature’s historic cuts to public school districts.

  • Greitens: “I strongly oppose “Common Core” and believe local parents and teachers – not Washington bureaucrats – should be in charge of our children’s education”. [Greitens For Missouri, Accessed 8/5/16]
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: “No One Bothered To Point Out To Either Hanaway Or Greitens That The Fight Against Common Core School Standards—A Fight They Promised To Lead—Is Already Over.” “No one bothered to point out to either Hanaway or Greitens that the fight against Common Core school standards — a fight they promised to lead — is already over. The Legislature ditched Common Core last year after it became a rube-bait bogeyman.” [St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial, 6/7/16]

Eric Greitens believes he should be the governor of one of America’s leaders in agriculture — except he has no plan for rural Missouri. He has no plan, no experience, or qualifications to do perform a role vital to so many rural Missourians.

  • AP: “Greitens Acknowledged He Had No Rural Background.” [AP, 8/5/16]
  • Greitens: “‘I will never, ever, ever understand agriculture in the way that all of you do. I didn’t grow up on a farm, I didn’t grow up on a ranch. I didn’t grow up running an agri-business.” [KWMU, 8/5/16]

Eric Greitens believes silence and obstruction are acceptable in the face of discrimination against LGBT Missourians. Missourians can still be fired or evicted from their homes simply because of who they are and who they love — the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) is a bipartisan proposal in the Missouri legislature that would put an end to this intolerance. Greitens has silently accepted the obstruction of Republican leaders to the legislation. To make matters even worse, Greitens remains a vocal opponent of marriage rights for same-sex couples, despite the United States Supreme Court’s historic ruling that guarantees marriage equality across the country.

  • Greitens Was The Only Gubernatorial Candidate To Not Respond To Questions About LGBT Rights. [MIssouri Times, 6/24/16]

Eric Greitens believes he can overlook the less flashy facets of governing Missouri — like our infrastructure. Missouri’s transportation system is in crisis, but Eric Greitens has been too busy filming commercials to even learn the difference between The Missouri Highway Patrol and The Department of Transportation.

  • By 2017, the Missouri Department Of Transportation Construction Budget Was Expected To Drop By $325 Million — Greitens Called The Issue A “Spending Problem.” [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/3/15]

Eric Greitens believes we should elect a presidential candidate who insults Gold Star families, ignores the constitution, and stokes division. Donald Trump doesn’t represent the things that Missouri families stand for, so why would we elect a Governor stands so loyally behind him?

  • Like Most “Prominent Republicans”, Greitens Said He Would Support Trump. “Like most (but not all) prominent Missouri Republicans, Greitens has said he will support Trump.” [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/31/16]
  • At The Fox 2 Debate, Greitens “Stressed” He Would Run His Own Campaign, Although He Voiced Support For Trump “In His Bid For The Presidency.” “Brunner’s comments mark the same sort of shoulder shrug that many of the other Republican gubernatorial candidates make when it comes to a Trump candidacy. While a St. Louis Post-Dispatch cover seemed to indicate the four candidates had sworn fealty to the new king of the Republican party with big bold letters ‘FOUR FOR TRUMP,’ none of them seem willing to wholly endorse the New York real estate mogul, although all of them have stated in the past that they would support the eventual nominee. In the Fox 2 debate last week, Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder both stressed that they would run their own campaigns, although they voiced support for Trump in his bid for the presidency – namely because of his opponent.” [The Missouri Times, 6/13/16]