SERIOUS QUESTION: If Eric Greitens can’t make it through policy questions from reporters, how does he expect to tackle the state’s challenges and lead in real life?

This weekend, in their endorsement of Chris Koster for Governor, the St Louis Post-Dispatch gave an inside look at their meeting with Eric Greitens:

“Meeting with the editorial board, Greitens at one point grew impatient and said our questions pressing him for policy specifics were “making my head hurt.” We were asking him about stop-and-frisk policies for police officers; he said it was the wrong question, as was our interest in campaign finance reform and state budget problems.”  – St Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board 

This “head hurt” must be why Eric Greitens “no comments” so often on major issues.

Take a look, it sure happens a lot:

 Maybe Greitens’ refusal to answer questions is just part of the same “arrogant and cynical” know-it-all attitude he displayed at the Post-Dispatch editorial board meeting.

Or maybe he has a policy-induced migraine problem.

Either way, Eric Greitens is unfit to be governor and Wrong for Missouri.